Dealership: Car Fellas Inc.

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5815 Dewey St, Hollywood, Florida, 33023 USA

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(786) 603-0500

About dealer:

We specialize in getting anyone set up with a fully bonded and insured Auto Dealer License for one time fee of $1000.

You will get an access to dealer-only auto auctions Nationwide and dealer-only auto auction websites.

Buy / Sell as many cars you want. * No Limit *

Keep all the Profits.

Operate as a fully bonded wholesale auto dealer.

No Credit Check.

No Bond Required.

No State Classes Required.

We offer finance to your customers no credit needed just proof of income, this is a great tool to move your inventory fast!

Call us 7866030500 to schedule an appointment today, and you can start flipping cars right away.

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*To be eligible to receive a cash rebate from CarCouponCode under this offer you must: (1) complete a form to get a Coupon Code and receive it to your email; (2) buy a car at any dealer participating in the promotion and show the dealer a Coupon Code; (3) make sure the dealer registered the Coupon (once the dealer registers your coupon you will receive an email with the confirmation).

Customers who use their Coupon Code for their purchase will be eligible to receive $100 from CarCouponCode. Check will be sent to customer’s address provided above within 1 week, after the dealer registers your coupon. If Check is not received after 2 weeks, visit to inquire about status.